UNAM student en route to 2022 Miss Earth beauty pageant

First-year entrepreneurship student, Michelle Mukuve, has fixed her eyes on one of the world’s most coveted titles in the institute of pageants, Miss Earth.

This beauty contest is an annual international environmental-themed beauty pageant competition that promotes environmental awareness, conservation, and social responsibility.

Aged 22, Michelle hails from the ‘Land of the 400M World Champion Runners,’ Christine Mboma, Kavango East Region, and has always had a flair for beauty contests. Her modeling career started in the former years of her basic education and has since garnered her as a beauty queen that extends far beyond just beauty.

In 2019, she was crowned Miss Rundu and later proceeded to Namibia’s national beauty pageant, Miss Namibia, in which she was the second runner up. Drawing confidence from that, Michelle is determined to become the first Namibian to be crowned Miss Earth, come 2022.

“With that crown in mind, I hope to fly the Namibian and African flags so high that only the Eagles and Satellites can catch me up there”, proclaimed the beauty queen gracefully.

She further mentioned that the support of the UNAM community, as well as confidence in herself, will go a long way in helping her win this grand prize.

With her busy schedule of managing school and her modeling career, Mukuve confirmed that it does get hectic at times, but disclosed a few tips that have helped her stay on top of her academic career.

“One of the hardest things to manage for any student – is time, especially when you have other interests that are dear to your heart. I would encourage students to plan, stay on schedule, and build a support system”, Mukuve elaborated.

She further emphasized that students should focus on their goals, set boundaries, ask for help when they need it, and most importantly, break from set routines, once in a while.

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