UNAM stall tries open design – Wins Best Exhibitor!

The UNAM stall took top honours at the Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural Show, being awarded Gold in the Indoor Category, as well as Best Exhibitor for Auxiliary Service.

“This year’s stand took a “no barriers” approach, characterized by an open floor design, without any walls. We found that such a design is more enticing and inviting”, remarked Simon Namesho, UNAM’s Marketing Officer.

Apart from a unique design, UNAM’s stall awed visitors with a taste of some research activities underway at Namibia’s largest tertiary institution. Key among the work on display were delicious juice derived from fruit endemic to the Kavango Regions, which visitors got to sample.

Home grown mushrooms developed with novel methods were also on display. Mushroom lovers could learn how to grow their own mushrooms at home using inexpensive methods.  Animal feed production techniques were some that drew a mass of farmers, along with soil enrichment science for the purpose of agriculture.

Working class visitors came to the stall too, but there was also something for learners – an exhibition by the nursing department on how a baby is delivered. This seemed to resonate extremely well with school kids who stormed the stand to see what is going on.