UNAM and Inland Norway University MoU to tackle sustainable development

The University of Namibia and the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences have signed an extension of their five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to continue cooperation and explore further opportunities to support local sustainable development.

Both parties have committed to mutual collaborations in areas of teacher training, tourism, forestry, wildlife-human interaction, agribusiness and agriculture value chain, veterinary medicine, and the one-health concept that could aid food security in the country. The two institutions have agreed to enhance innovation and capacity building through knowledge exchange as well as learning opportunities for staff and students.

Prof. Kenneth Matengu remarked that food security is particularly important for the country. “Namibia is a very arid area so the issue of precision agriculture is very important. The use of less water, less land but high yields, is something that we are dedicated to focus on,” said Prof Matengu.

Speaking at the occasion, Prof Svenkerud stated that: “All universities have something to learn from each other, and to move forward, we must acknowledge and share the wealth of expertise that exists across the globe.”

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About the Author: Lydia Sageus