The Linnaeus – Palme partnership impacts Rundu Campus

The School of Nursing at Rundu campus recently hosted Monica Kinnander and Annelise Tilly Lund from Sweden, as part of an exchange programme with the University West in Trollhattan, Sweden. This is made possible by the Linnaeus-Palme partnership, which exists between the two Universities.

The funding covers both teachers and students travelling allowances and daily allowances of staying in Sweden and Namibia. The UNAM School of Nursing further officially welcomed Monica Kinnander and Annelise Tilly Lund. They both described the exchange to Namibia as enriching and transformative.

“The exchange programme for teachers and students allows the two parties to share best practices in research, teaching and learning, especially clinical learning activities in nursing”, remarked Mr. Ashipala, the Head of Department for the School of Nursing at Rundu campus. Further adding that, next year in January, he and another lecturer Ms. Marry Muyenga will visit the University West, Health Science Department, for three weeks, as part of the larger ongoing teachers exchange programme.

The Linnaeus-Palme partnership exists between the University of Namibia, School of Nursing and the University West, Health Sciences Department since 2013 and is expected to conclude in 2020. This programme is funded by SIDA, a Swedish government agency. The programme seeks to promote cooperation between the Schools of Nursing and provide the opportunity for a joint teaching programme, research collaboration and research publication activities and other academic related activities.

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About the Author: Sophia Alfred