German Embassy refurnishes language multimedia room

A set of chairs, tables, reading material and a whiteboard recently donated by the German embassy, has transformed part of the University’s ‘Old Library’ into a newly furnished multi-media room for the German Section in particular, and other foreign languages in general.

The German Section is a unit within the Department of Language and Linguistic Studies in the School of Humanities, Society and Development. Other dialects in the department include Afrikaans, French, Chinese, English, Khoekhoegowab, Oshiwambo, Otjiherero, Portuguese and Spanish.

German Ambassador, H.E. Herbert Beck, at the inaugural event remarked that: “It is only by learning a language that you understand the culture of its people, and we are happy to see our efforts complementing that exchange of knowledge”.

An elated Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Kenneth Matengu, cited while standing in the refurbished multimedia room, that: “I am very grateful that we are allowing students to learn other languages.”

“We believe that languages are not just an instrument of connection, but play a significant role in enabling the idea of global citizenship”.

In attendance was Prof Frednard Gideon, Pro-Vice Chancellor: Academic Affairs; Prof Alfons Mosimane, Executive Dean: Faculty of Education and Human Sciences; Dr Martha Akawa-Shikufa, Associate Dean of the School of Humanities, Society & Development; Prof Herman Beyers, Head of the Humanities and Arts department, as well as staff from the department and embassy.

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