From Academic Assignments to Professional Success: UNAM Arts Alumni Shine

Former students of the University of Namibia’s (UNAM) Department of Humanities and Arts are making a name for themselves in the industry, both individually and collaboratively.

Leigh Williams and Hendrick Thetete, who both graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the School of Humanities, Society & Development, shared their journey in the field of painting and drawing, stating that their qualifications have been instrumental in polishing their long-established businesses in music, videography, photography, podcasts, and graphic design for Williams and Commissioned Art for Thetete.

In 2021, Thetete produced two paintings for the Ethnix and Lioness musical groups, which appeared on Ngandu TV’s Rock the Boat episode 6.

“I was honoured to work with one of the biggest platforms in Namibia’s entertainment industry,” Thetete said. He added that he learned to interact with prominent clients professionally, and that “discipline is one of the key elements to being a good visual artist.”

His exceptional work for the TV show earned him positive remarks and recommendations from the producer, Michael Kayunde. “He carried out his responsibility well for this project and I recommend that others work with him on various projects,” said the producer.

In 2022, Williams and Thetete collaborated on a competition by Jabu Logistics, a logistics company, which required the contestants to create a mural design for the company’s warehouse in Lafrenz. Among approximately 200 entries, their design emerged as the winner, and they subsequently fabricated the design on the walls of the company’s warehouse.

During their final year of undergraduate studies, they had the opportunity to cast graffiti on UNAM’s containers as part of their academic assignments in their modules: Creative Expression and Art for Advertising. This granted Williams an opportunity to execute a historical work of art depicting a young Omuhimba man who meets a robot on the container beside the Corporate Engagement and International Relations directorate offices on Main Campus.

Some of Williams’ paintings and drawings, which he did for academic purposes during his undergraduate studies, have earned a place on the walls of the Department of Humanities and Arts. These include self-portraits.

“I love drawing myself because I know myself, I know what I look like, what will look nice on me, how to draw my own hair, what colours to use,” he said.

Ms Loini Iizyenda, a lecturer in the department, said, “We are proud of our alumni’s achievements and are honoured to have contributed to their success.”

Original Story by: Mbitukorua “Victor” Murumbua

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