Easing freshmen into University life

Every year, the Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA) organises its well-known Freshmen Orientation programme across all UNAM campuses, providing new students with a warm welcome to University life, while showing them the robes around campus.

This year the programme took place under the theme: “A new home with learning experiences and opportunities.” This provides new students with an opportunity to acquaint themselves with their new environment while providing them with a wealth of insight from their new guardian on campus, the Directorate of Student Affairs.

At the two-day event held at Main Campus, Ms. Magriet Mainga, the Director of Student Affairs welcomed students to the University while stating the following: “The University has now become your new home away from home and we aim to take good care of you here.”\

Also addressing the excited students, Prof Erika Maass, the University Registrar, commented: “The little steps and choices you make here at UNAM will either bring you closer or take you further away from your goals.”

“You are in full control of your choices, so, make them count”, advised Prof. Maass.

The orientation process supports students’ transition into the first year of university, which is essential to intensifying interaction between fellow students and their representatives – exactly what this year’s orientation did.

As per tradition, this year’s orientation featured academic advice, fun activities to keep students on their toes, a campus tour as well as a tour of the city thereby familiarising them with their new surroundings.

Forum Online caught up with first-year Bachelor of Economics student, Ritha Costa, who delightfully explained how helpful the event was to her. “We were given a very detailed and clear explanation of what University is all about, which is coming in handy now that we attend our Core Semester classes. It’s also much easier to find our way around campus, now that we understand the setup.” elaborated Costa.

Contrary to what Costa experienced, Cretha Mbambo, a first-year Business Administration student who could not attend orientation due to late application and registration, said that the first week was hectic in terms of finding class venues. “There is a lot going on at University and going around not knowing where everything is can be frustrating for students who did not get the introduction and campus tour,” explained Mbambo. “If you’re ever to be a first-year student, don’t miss the orientation programme.”

Orientation helps to reduce the stress that newcomers arrive with, and provides clarity on what to do or where to go for a certain issue. Additionally, the programme helps students to get up to speed faster and avoid making unnecessary mistakes through adherence to academic rules and regulations.

The programme is further designed to provide freshmen with essential information required for success on their journey to become UNAM Alumni.

Original Story by: Laurentius Mahongo (Former UNAM Media Studies student, currently assisting CEIRD Public Relations Manager with story writing)

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