4.2 tons Medical Oxygen Tank handed over by UNAM VC to MoHSS in Gobabis

The Medical Oxygen Tank is valued at N$1.3 million. The handover event took place on 18 August 22.

Handover Plague
Dr Kalumbi Shangula, Minister of Health and Social Services
Ms Elvire Theron, Mayor of Gobabis
UNAM Vice Chancellor, Prof Kenneth Matengu

The Oxygen tank is a result of ground research work done by UNAM Cares (Dr Freeman) during the COVID-19 pandemic through educational public health roadshows conducted across the country in all 14 regions of Namibia. During the public health campaign on the prevention of COVID-19, Dr Freeman conducted a listening exercise on the huge outcry for medical oxygen for the people of Namibia. As a result, she informed the office of the Vice Chancellor and Prof Judith Hall about the need on the ground for medical oxygen. Dr Freeman advocated and lobbied the UNAM Leadership to solicit international aid from the Welsh Government, who responded positively to our outcry and sponsored 2x major Oxygen Tanks and 2x Oxygen Production plants, which are installed in Katima Mulilo hospital, Grootfontein hospital in May 22, and Gobabis and Nkurenkuru in August 2022.


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