UNAM academic publishes eye-opening book

African communication systems and the digital age Academic firebrand and UNAM lecturer, Professor Eno Akpabio, has recently published a book titled “African Communication Systems and the Digital Age”. The 165 paged eye... Read more »

Front-row view reveals exceptional cosmic explosion

Observation challenges established theory of gamma-ray bursts in the universe Scientists have gained the best view yet of the brightest explosions in the universe: A specialised observatory in Namibia has recorded the... Read more »

#COVIDNamVacc awareness campaign off to a good start

The University of Namibia, through its UNAM Cares Project, has combined efforts with the Cardiff University Phoenix Project in a Covid-19 vaccination awareness campaign in Namibia, code-named #COVIDNamVacc Project. The multi-million dollar... Read more »

NBS en route to solve the drought challenge in Namibia and the region

Drought has become one of the biggest slow-growing threats to Namibia and Southern Africa’s food security. However, this mammoth challenge is set to change with UNAM’s Namibia Business School (NBS) “Crystal Water”... Read more »

Debmarine Namibia adds 2nd PCR to UNAM’s Covid-19 testing lab

In partnership with the University of Namibia, in addition to the initial machine availed at the launch of the lab in August 2020, Debmarine Namibia has recently sponsored a second PCR machine... Read more »

UNAM receives 6700 rapid test kits from China University of Geosciences

In support of the efforts of the Covid-19 Testing Lab at the University of Namibia, the China University of Geosciences in Beijing donated 6,700 anti-coronavirus rapid test kits. The donation, valued at... Read more »

Young graduates trained in precision desert agriculture

On the 25th of March 2021, a group of 9 agri-preneurs graduated from practical training under a project titled, Precision Desert Agriculture as a Job Creator, The project was led by the... Read more »

UNAM secures research funding within the first Africa-UniNet funding call

The Austrian-African Research Network (Africa-UniNet), funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) aims to promote new contacts and deepen scientific cooperation between Austrian and African Higher Education... Read more »

Namibia’s first female medical entomologist

UNAM produces the country’s third entomologist: Rosalia Joseph Born in a region rampant with malaria, Rosalia Joseph (26) didn’t dream of having her master’s degree research work contribute to changes on how... Read more »

FNB sows the first seed towards the fight against locusts

Since four months ago, Namibia’s north-eastern regions of Zambezi, as well as Kavango East and West, became a desired location for mega-swarms of African migratory locusts. Severe locust outbreaks causing national disasters... Read more »