International Relations section driving international engagements for UNAM students

Four students from the Faculty of Commerce, Management and Law recently departed to the Czech Republic on a funded scholarship to conduct a semester of studies at the University of Hradec Kralove (UHK).


This specific academic opportunity stems from the University of Namibia’s cooperation with UHK and funded by the European Union Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programme.


Dr Romanus Shivoro, Assistant Director for International Relations remarked that: “The international relations section within the Corporate Engagement & International Relations directorate (CEIRD), is responsible for managing cooperation and relations between the University of Namibia and regional and international institutions”. The section has sent many students to participate in international academic exchange and networking opportunities.


This semester, 10 students from different disciplines and campuses left for various institutions of higher learning across the world to expand their knowledge and perspective in their respective fields of study. On 28 February, a cohort from the School of Education left for Poland, followed by this cohort headed for the Czech Republic, and others to the USA and Germany.


Political Science student, Lineekela Shipiki, conveyed that she was most excited about experiencing the Czech Republic culture, visiting historic sites, and most importantly, the modules she will be studying in the Czech Republic. “I am excited to be in a new cultural sphere. I want to go there and acquire new information and solutions that I can bring back to Namibia”, said Shipiki.


Heiki Namboga, another political science student, remarked that since the pandemic, he didn’t get a lot of time to engage in the lecture room and that this opportunity caters to that need. “Through this opportunity, I want to learn as much as I can and create a name for myself. When I return, I want to participate in the decision-making process of my country, stated Namboga excitedly.


Namboga further encouraged students to take up similar opportunities. “Applying for a scholarship is a fun experience that can change your life, so if you get the opportunity do not hesitate to apply”.


“Education is a form of social interaction. Students get more opportunities for intercultural exposure and international learning. Therefore, the section ensures students have access to in-person opportunities to go out and study in other countries”, explained Dr Shivoro.


The International Relations section intends to send approximately 30 students on exchange programmes this year. Another cohort of students is expected to leave for Germany at the end of this month.

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About the Author: Margareth-Rose Kangootui