Huawei Namibia admits 7 students onto its undergraduate internship programme

Huawei Namibia recently took on seven undergraduate University of Namibia (UNAM) trainees onto its ‘Seeds for the Future’ undergraduate training scheme. Huawei Technology Solutions is regarded as a top technology solutions provider in the world.

Dr Samuel Nuugulu, Head of Department of Computing, Mathematical & Statistical Science at UNAM, expressed appreciation to Huawei Namibia for extending a significant opportunity to their students.

“The Seeds for the Future programme aligns seamlessly with the enriched experience our University’s newly transformed and revised curriculum aims to provide.”

Ms Maggy Namundjebo, Vice Managing Director of Huawei Namibia, revealed that “the primary goal of this initiative is to equip students with invaluable, state-of-the-art ICT knowledge”. The 6-months programme also guarantees that participants will earn credits related to their Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) by immersing themselves in diverse departments and global branches of Huawei, spanning across the globe. This includes a unique opportunity to engage with Huawei University of Technology in China.

“This exemplifies the company’s dedication to the Seeds for the Future trainee programme. It signifies a strategic step towards cultivating a skilled workforce poised to propel Namibia’s technological advancements in the years to come,” said Ms Namundjebo. Also, she reiterated their company’s commitment to establishing a memorandum of understanding with UNAM, aimed at expanding the scope of this programme to benefit an increasing number of students in future.

The scheme, which will be offered in hybrid mode, will offer undergraduate students a rich experience involving technology courses (including 5G, cloud, AI, etc.), leadership courses, Chinese culture experiences, tech exhibition hall live visits, participation in “Tech4Good” group projects and culture exchanges with outstanding peers around the world.

Ms Lovisa Nghipandulwa, the Industry & Cooperative Education Coordinator at the University, expressed that: “It’s a rare occurrence for a company to onboard seven students in one instance, making this an exceptional opportunity. To our students, seize this chance wholeheartedly and extract the utmost value from it.”

“I am truly honoured and excited to be part of Huawei’s Seeds for the Future programme. This opportunity will open doors to a world of cutting-edge technology and global exposure. I am eager to learn and contribute to the future of technology alongside industry leaders,” remarked Johanna Ndjimba, a 4th-year Computer Science student and recipient of this remarkable opportunity.

The selected student trainees, chosen based on their academic merits, comprise the following individuals: Padelia Nghalipo, a 3rd-year Information Technology student; Johanna Ndjimba; Riovanns Eichab, a 4th-year Information Technology student; Saara Naikalemo, a 4th-year Information Technology student; Julia Hasotushi, a 3rd-year Information Technology student; Miriam Shikongo, a 4th-year English major student; and Chante Moses, a 2nd-year Law student.

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