Hage Geingob Campus Library graced with generous book donations

The Hage Geingob Campus Library at the University of Namibia received a heart-warming contribution from the Society of Anaesthetists of Wales in the United Kingdom. They generously donated fifteen valuable books, curated for Masters’ degree students in Medical Anaesthesiology.

Ms Menete Shatona, the Campus Librarian, expressed her gratitude, stating, “The books kindly donated will significantly enhance our ever-growing selection of resources for the Medical Anaesthesiology programme.” She added, “Their valuable contribution will undoubtedly benefit countless students and medical professionals for years to come.”

The Society of Anaesthetists of Wales’ donation, valued at approximately £1000, (just over N$20,000) showcases their commitment to supporting academic excellence and medical education.

This act of philanthropy enriches the learning experience of students and reinforces the institution’s position as a hub for academic excellence and collaboration in Medical Anaesthesiology. The books complement existing resources, fostering an environment conducive to exploration and innovation.

Dr Joseph Ndinoshiho, University Librarian, said: “The University of Namibia extends its deepest gratitude to the Society of Anaesthetists of Wales for their invaluable contribution of relevant books to the academic community in the Faculty of Health Sciences & Veterinary Medicine. This gesture serves as a testament to the power of international partnerships in advancing education and healthcare globally.”

Prof Judith Hall, Officer of the Society of Anaesthetists of Wales, said: “As these precious books find their place on the library shelves of the University of Namibia, they symbolise knowledge, compassion and cooperation.

“We believe the impact of this donation will resonate with generations of students and medical professionals, leaving an indelible mark on the future of medical education at the university.”

UNAM welcomes further collaborations with like-minded organisations and individuals who share the vision of empowering students and promoting excellence in higher tertiary education.

Original story by Etietop Akpabio. Etietop is a final-year media intern student at the University of Namibia.

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