UNAM Moodling into a Centre of Excellence

UNAM, through its Centre for Open, Distance and eLearning (CODeL), has curved its way to prominence in the eLearning space. Through its digital transformation strategies, CODeL has made waves internationally through its use of the Moodle learning management system. As a free open source solution, Moodle is best suited for institutions of higher learning in the developing world, of which UNAM is no exception.

UNAM, recently, signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Adapt IT, the goals of which include advancing the commercialisation of distinct solutions at partner institutions, co-creation and co-investment in niche solutions. In addition joint product research and development, including eLearning through the Moodle platform, Cloud Technologies; Big Data; Mobile Technologies, including Apps and Information Security, while leveraging  technical resources to address a particular need. Furthermore, Adapt IT will support UNAM as a Centre of Excellence for Moodle LMS Services, whereby new solutions and services will be piloted at UNAM. Additionally, Adapt IT will empower UNAM’s resources, through training, to strengthen its expertise of the Moodle product, as well as execution of the Moodle product at other institutions of higher learning.

Front row from left to right: Mrs Anna-Marie Schaller-Nangolo, Deputy Director: Open and Distance Learning (CODeL), Mr Luxolo Rubushe, Managing Director: AdaptIT, Ms Jacodia Fransman, Assistant Director: Application Systems & Software, Mr Tuyeni Hamata, Director: Computer Centre, Dr Maggy Beukes-Amiss, Director: Centre for Open, Distance and eLearning (CODeL), Erkkie Haipinge, Deputy Director: eLearning, Centre for Open, Distance and eLearning (CODeL), Mrs Anna-Marie Biwa, Assistant Registrar: Centre for Open, Distance and eLearning (CODeL). Back row from left to right: CODeL Team: Mr Gerhold Kooper, Coordinator, Learning Management Systems, Ms Anneliese Groenewald, Project Facilitator, Mr Alfons Kahuikee, Digital Media Officer, Mr Johannes Nambili, Coordinator: Video Conferencing.

This MOA is perfectly aligned with UNAM’s Vision, which is “To be a sustainable international hub of excellence in higher education, training, research and innovation by 2030”. As a Centre of Excellence for Moodle LMS, UNAM will enhance its realisation of its Vision in collaboration with AdaptIT.

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