Mental Health Awareness that was

During May 2021, the Student Affairs Directorate set about a campaign to sensitise staff and students on the subject of mental health. This happened against the backdrop of International Mental Health Awareness Month.

The intention of this campaign was twofold. Awareness is a developmental process and, as such, this campaign set to add to the present awareness so that people with mental health illness, their friends and family can engage in health promotion and illness preventing actions.

In addition, it was to remind students that the Student Affairs Directorate is equipped with professional and skilled counselors at various campuses. These professionals are available at all times to help you navigate through any challenges, including mental health.

Assistant Dean: Professional Services Mr Tangeni Velikoshi, assures students that the Student Affairs Directorate is geared to attend to their needs.

“With our aim to educate and inform, we concluded the campaign having learned so much about our customer experience through students’ social media comments. We may not have been able to reply to each comment, citing how the institution has affected your mental wellbeing, but we have read and noted all of your difficult encounters and experiences.

“The University administration is evolving, including the Student Affairs Directorate. We are gearing up to respond to students’ needs efficiently and render an improved experience” assured Mr Velikoshi.

Students are prompted to familiarise themselves with the University’s General Information & Regulations booklet (available on the website). This booklet contains most of the answers to pertinent questions for a positive varsity lifecycle.

We also encourage students to reach out to the Academic and Student Counsellors within the Student Affairs Directorate when you are faced with any challenge that impacts their varsity lifecycle.

University of Namibia-Counsellors contact details(08June2021)

Thank you.

Directorate of Student Affairs

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