Chinese computer donation boosts UNAM students’ confidence in online learning

The handover of computers donated by the Chinese Embassy to seven disadvantaged UNAM students, has brought hope to these students who were experiencing problems in accessing online learning, in the absence of face-to-face lectures. The jubilant students couldn’t express their thanks enough when receiving the brand new Lenovo desktop computers.

The computers were donated by the Chinese Embassy to the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prof Jairos Kangira, after he appealed for assistance to his Chinese research partners.

Speaking on behalf of the recipients, Shanrey Josea, who will be sharing a computer with her brother Zanwill, thanked the donor for providing the computers to them, adding that these will go a long way in making their learning more accessible.

“It’s like a dream receiving these band new computers. It will transform our lives as far as online learning is concerned.

We sincerely thank our donor for thinking of giving us computers when some of us were losing hope with our online studies. We will put these computers to good use,” said Shanrey.

Ms Mainga, the Dean of Students, also paid tribute to the Chinese Embassy for the kind gesture of donating computers to the students. She further thanked Professor Kangira for his unselfish gesture.

“He could have just given the computers to students in his Faculty. Instead, he asked my office to provide names of needy students and we did that, and now we have recipients from four Faculties,” said Ms Mainga.

Mr Ginola Nauseb, the SRC President and Acting Director of the External and International Office, Dr Romanus Shivoro, graced the handover ceremony with his presence.

The beneficiaries of the computers are: Zanwill Josea and Shanrey Josea (Faculty of Law); Klementine Makanga and Johannes Makanga (Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences); Matheus Johannes (Faculty of Education); Maisie Aibeb (Faculty of Law), and Petrus Chiinga Intya (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences).

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