UNAM academic publishes eye-opening book

African communication systems and the digital age Academic firebrand and UNAM lecturer, Professor Eno Akpabio, has recently published a book titled “African Communication Systems and the Digital Age”. The 165 paged eye... Read more »

Front-row view reveals exceptional cosmic explosion

Observation challenges established theory of gamma-ray bursts in the universe Scientists have gained the best view yet of the brightest explosions in the universe: A specialised observatory in Namibia has recorded the... Read more »

Mental Health Awareness that was

During May 2021, the Student Affairs Directorate set about a campaign to sensitise staff and students on the subject of mental health. This happened against the backdrop of International Mental Health Awareness... Read more »

Ruth Harases took her first step with UNAM on a fortunate note

440 days ago, Namibia confirmed its first Covid-19 positive case and since then, the land of the brave has been out of normalcy and desperate to smile again. Despite this challenge, 22-year-old... Read more »

#COVIDNamVacc awareness campaign off to a good start

The University of Namibia, through its UNAM Cares Project, has combined efforts with the Cardiff University Phoenix Project in a Covid-19 vaccination awareness campaign in Namibia, code-named #COVIDNamVacc Project. The multi-million dollar... Read more »

NBS en route to solve the drought challenge in Namibia and the region

Drought has become one of the biggest slow-growing threats to Namibia and Southern Africa’s food security. However, this mammoth challenge is set to change with UNAM’s Namibia Business School (NBS) “Crystal Water”... Read more »

The Class of 2020 will be remembered for persistence and hard work

This year’s early winter hurled in an exciting end for the students of the University of Namibia, as thousands of them gathered online to celebrate their hard work and a new lease... Read more »

The Safety of Journalists

The University of Namibia recently joined the rest of the world in honouring the 30th Anniversary of the Windhoek declaration and World Press Freedom day under the theme “Information as a public good”.... Read more »

Prof Kangira receives award from New Era

Renowned columnist and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor Jairos Kangira recently received a certificate of appreciation for his invaluable contribution to the New Era newspaper’s editorial column... Read more »

UNAM Moodling into a Centre of Excellence

UNAM, through its Centre for Open, Distance and eLearning (CODeL), has curved its way to prominence in the eLearning space. Through its digital transformation strategies, CODeL has made waves internationally through its... Read more »